4.6.2016: Open Air Art Book Fair, Långholmen, Stockholm (organized by Moonspace Books).

6.—7.5.2016: Presentation Parfuin, Ghent Art Book Fair, 019, Ghent.

29.11.2015: Presentation Prompter at Het Bos, Antwerp

1.11.—29.11.2015: Risographic residency at Het Bos, Antwerp during De Brigade Festival.

23.4.2015: Label market at Het Bos, Antwerp

15—16.4.2015Ghent Art Book Fair, presentation of Risiko Press Mix 12.

4.4.2015, SPEECH art book fair, Het Bos, Antwerpen.

30.01.2015, Riso's Digest 2: Viva — Original presentation, Extra City, Antwerp.

22.12.2014, Riso's Digest 1: Botte Rammen met Aaike presentation, St. Lauri, Antwerp

18.10.2014, Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair, Royal Academy of Fine Arts
The first Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair. We presented Für Dich Verlag 17, a mixtape that's also the 11th mix in our ongoing series.

28.05.2014, De Lokale Pers, Het Bos, Antwerpen
First edition of De Lokale Pers, with Sis Matthé performing his Stretching Exercise for a Practice and Jan Matthé's Don't Read Between my Lines when I'm Sleeping read by Clodagh Kinsella.

23—24.05.2014, Artist Book Fair, Be-Part, Waregem (B)

21—23.03.2014, Artists Print III, Brass, Brussels
JAP and Komplot present the third edition of Artists Print: "a book-fair dedicated to small publishers and self-editing artists, with some hints to historical names of the independent art publishing scene."

01.02.2014, Print Art Fair, Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee.

16—17.11.2013, Kioosk, Krakòw (PL)
Took part in Poland's first art book fair, presented Sis Matthé's book Stretching Exercise for a Practice.

05.05.2013, Artist's Book Fair, Be-Part, Waregem (B)
We took part in this Théophile's Papers curated Artist's Book Fair in Waregem.

14.04.2013, Het Verzamelen Voorbij, Stadslimiet, Antwerpen
Matinee presentation of Onder De Titels and its special edition with unique dust jackets, together with Vaast Colson's half complete Kippenberger artist books collection (75 of 149 that he published during his lifetime).

07.04.2013, Onder De Titels presentation + reading, Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Gent
Launch of Dennis Tyfus' book, as part of the finissage of his exhibition I Want Your Name And My Name On A Flyer.

30.03.2013, Okidoki book launch, Bobbejaanland, Lichtaart (B) and Stadslimiet, Antwerp
Presentation of Tina Schott's book of action drawings she made in the fun park Bobbejaanland.

17.01.—31.01.2013, Palermo Papiere, Palermo Galerie, Stuttgart (D)
Für Dich Verlag at the exhibition Palermo Papiere.

11.01.2013, Slakes & Scheinbewegungen, Stadslimiet, Antwerpen
Presentation of Scheinbewegungen, a book by Jan Matthé, together with Entr'acte presenting Slakes, a triple cd/book by “                    ”[sic] Tim Goldie/Daniel Beban. 8pm, Stadslimiet, Ernest Van Dijckkaai 4, 2000 Antwerp. Clodagh Kinsella read the two first chapters of Scheinbewegungen in pristine English.

17—18.11.2012, Kioosk, Konfederacka 4, Krakòw (PL)
Presentation of Blut and Brab at Poland's first independent publishing fair.

6.10.2012, Brab & Blut, Stadslimiet, Antwerp
Presentation of Blut, a film and a book of stills by Tina Schott and Brab by myself, a diary of a year with blind spots, with blood fountain and reading lesson.

14.07.—29.09.2012, HELP/LESS, Printed Matter, New York
Katalog 1 is part of the summer exhibition HELP/LESS at Printed Matter in New York. The "ambitious instore exhibition is organized by artist Chris Habib. The store-wide show includes over 180 books that explore the fluidity of authorship in artists' books and multiples.

19.—20.07.2012, Lentyna, National Gallery of Art, Vilnius
Some of our books (Katalog 1, Brunita, Ein Grosses Hallöchen, 4, Blut, Oede Likoer Jim, No?) will be part of Lentyna, "Vilnius self-publishing art event focusing on artist-led and self-published books, zines, magazines, journals, periodicals and other printed matter" at the National Gallery of Art, Konstitucijos Ave. 22, Vilnius, Lithuania. Pictures of the event here.

18.05.2012, Okazi Gallery, Berlin
Pre-presentation of Tina Schott's film and book Blut, as part of the group exhibition E.T. - Esprit De Corps.

15.04.—10.07.2012, Be-Part, Waregem
Moeilijke Oorden is part of the BOOKSHOWBOOKSHOP exhibition about Belgian artist books since Jef Verheyen, curated by Johan Pas & Vaast Colson. Ludo Mich's original book 4 is also included in the selection of 150 books.

18.12.2011, Gunther, Antwerp
Jan Matthé playing on an Elka Concorde 405 accordion organ by reading his book Oede Likoer Jim, No? out loud, with Herb Diamante playing as well laters. Münchner Kindl light present for atmosphere.

4.12.2011, Gunther, Antwerp
Sunday matinee presentation of Ludo Mich's book/film "4", Für Dich Verlag's 9th release. With a small exhibition of newspaper clippings, books, tv interviews and photos out of the archives of Ludo Mich himself and Jan Matthé, and also the one original copy of "4" that Ludo still had and from which the scans were used as the basis for the reissue.

14.—15.10.2011, First Issue, BASIS, Frankfurt (D)
We took part in First Issue, Frankfurt's first self-publishing art book fair, organized around the corner of the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Presentation of the German translation of Moeilijke Oorden, now titled Oede Likoer Jim, No? by Jan Matthé. Collaborated on a Sex bookmark.

2.7.2011, Clean Press, Antwerp
Für Dich Verlag & Clean Press present three new books: Moeilijke Oorden by Jan Matthé (Für Dich Verlag #5), Brunita by Jan Matthé (Für Dich Verlag #6), Whilst The Master Sleeps by Nel Aerts & Vaast Colson (Clean Press #15)

27.5.2011, Taxandria Museum, Turnhout

Presentation of Für Dich Nr. 7 (Folklore, overgrootvaders gewoonten) at the opening of Lieven Segers exhibition The Taxandria Collaborations, A Feast Of Friends. You can hear L. Von Seghers read from it as part of the exhibition, which still runs till August 21st at the Taxandria Museum in Turnhout. Other artists taking part are Dennis Tyfus, Guy Rombouts, Amélie De Brouwer, Kris Delacourt, Vaast Colson, Michael Dans, Hans Wuyts, Bart Van Dijck, Bissy Bunder, and Ben Meewis. The book is for sale in the Taxandria Museum's bookshop for 7€.

30.4.2011, Radio Centraal, Antwerp

A broadcast presentation of 2 new books (Moeilijke Oorden and Brunita) on Radio Centraal, mixed with original music and sounds by a West-Flamish found cassette talent with sharp political as well as human observations, Anton Lavey, Jacques Berrocal, Jan Matthé, Paul Tornado and Dieter Roth. Listen to in the "Mixes" section. Thanks to Dennis Tyfus Tight.

27.02.2011, Gardibou, Borgerhout/Antwerp

Für Dich Verlag presents releases 1-4, together with From one table to the other, One table to the next (seismographic fabrics, fabric 01) by Jochem Vanden Ecker, Kris Delacourt, Krist Torfs and Benjamin Van Esser, Z Klemmt F Verleimt (z forlag 007) by Pol Matthé and Ascèse Provisoire by Sis Matthé (Editions du calque 1).